Unlock the Secrets to Green Living

Green Certified Professional Cleaning Services​​

Why Awaken to Eco Professional Cleaning Services? 

It's a GREENING Process

Awaken to Eco, LLC offers services to help improve your quality of life

  • We are in business for more than ourselves and accept the responsible to do our part

  • Committed & Locally Established

  • GREENSEAL - Superior & Certified Products

  • Reduction of environmental pollutants

  • Superior Customer Service & Attention

  • Prevention of cross-contamination

Awaken to Eco, LLC featuring Vert Cleaning, specializes in detailed cleaning, while keeping the environment in mind.

When you want an allergy inducing, toxic clean, feel free to call our competition. But when you desire a personalized, creative, green solution to a minor or major residential or commercial project and need an established, experienced, consistent and professional residential, office, and commercial cleaning services packed with sustainable visionaries...well, that's when you should call Awaken to Eco.

Experience A new meaning of Clean

Don't compromise your families health any longer.

There is a safer way to keep your surroundings germ & dirt-free   without sacrificing your  health and well-being.

"We do not inherit the earth form our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"
Native American Proverb

Our Mission

  • Triple Bottom LineBusiness Model- We believe, by taking care of People and the Planet, Profit comes
  • Give abundant, quality service
  • Develop  Eco-friendly Strategies for home and business while networking within the community to show advantages of green living
  • Encourage a respect for the environment by cleaning with products that up-hold earth-friendly standards
  • Ensure each client recognizes they have the power to control the level of toxins that enter their home


Provide our clients with professional cleaning services, while educating the community about the benefits of green living and green cleaning, so they will be empowered to make choices that offer the best long-term prosperity for you and the planet.

Are you ready for Green Certified Professional Cleaning Services?